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  • Betsauce 5:59 pm on February 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    #Chelsea to win 2/1 against #PSG

    • Betsauce 3:28 pm on February 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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      Best Tennis accumulator now offered online 


      Great news!
      Today bet365 have opened their brand new tennis accumulator offering a 50% bonus on opening bets!

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      The offer applies to pre-match accumulators on ‘To Win Match’, ‘First Set Winner’ and ‘Set Betting Markets’ for Singles and Doubles matches from any Grand Slam, ATP, WTA or Challenger Tour event, as well as Singles and Doubles matches from the Davis Cup, Fed Cup and Hopman Cup.


      To take advantage, simply place a pre-match accumulator of 2 or more selections combining matches from any of the above competitions and, if successful, we will add a bonus of up to 50% to winnings!

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      • Betsauce 1:55 pm on February 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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        Bet now on #Preston to beat #ManU tonight at 15/2!

        • Betsauce 1:58 pm on February 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          United coming in at 9/20 and 7/2 for a draw

      • Betsauce 1:51 pm on February 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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        Is Kaceytron a Troll? 

        Twitch Gamer Girl

        Is this Twitch Gamer Girl really a troll?

        Could it be that one of Twitch’s most successful gamer girls Kaceytron is really a troll? No it can’t be? Surely not?

        Well of course she is, only a fool would believe otherwise, but don’t let the word “troll” be too much of a negative here, to her credit she is actually a very savvy woman making alot of money off the back of, well, morons!

        Is she a gamer? Can she play well for real?

        Who knows, again, she’s successful in duping you into that false sense that you really don’t know what to believe, but still she makes the money.

        From the donations that she uses very well in order to allow 12 years olds to deliver abusive messages on each $2 drop, to the Amazon affiliate links that fill up her entire page on Twitch .

        It would seem that what probably started out as a serious stream turned into something more when she realised that /b/ and Reddit would flock to her channel on a daily basis to troll her, only for her to reinvent herself to infact troll them, and troll them so well that she just takes their money!

        How much money does Kaceytron make?

        Good question, she obviously has her Twitch channel which supplies daily donations and affiliate earnings, but she also hosts her Youtube channel which undoubtedly is comfortably within a partners scheme, she’s sold shirts via Twitch recently also which would make a tidy sum, so in reality only Kaceytron herself and her team know the full extent of her earnings!

        Now you may have noticed that I mentioned the word team above, this wasn’t a typo, she for sure works as part of one, and to the best of my knowledge she has only let this slip once….

        During Halloween she did a broadcast and a couple of hours in without her realising a man walked behind her straight past the camera, now some might say that this was simply a halloween stunt, but it wasn’t, it was just a mistake, and this can be worked out if you were only to think outside the box a little…

        What if you could see what’s behind the camera? There is too much that goes on in Kaceytrons stream for it to be just run by herself, and by just 1-2 pc’s. All those donations need moderating for starters before they are shown on screen, how does she go through that queue if shes playing League of Legends? How does she continue playing when her chat blows up (like it does 3 times every minute) and concentrate on both whilst obviously trolling the hell out of the people in the chat? Does she even play the game at all? or is her manager/boyfriend sitting on the desk opposite her playing the game for her?

        Think about it next time your on her channel, then sit and work out how much money she’s earning…. for trolling!

        • Betsauce 11:13 pm on February 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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          E-Cigarettes Will Kill You!! 

          No they won’t.

          I’ve an avid user of a trusty Innokin MPV and have been for over a year, and thankfully not touched a regular cigarette in over 8 months, but do me a favour please and remember one word from this sentence…. TRUSTY!

          A trusty E-cig from a trusted retailer and manufacturer will take you far, unlike poor old David Aspinall from Wigan (UK) who’s E-cig was purchased from his local shop.

          The 48 year old nearly blew his left off! Severe burns and flying shrapnel probably leaving him scared for life…

          E-cigarette burns

          You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off Dave!

          Now I feel sorry for poor old Dave, but unless you buy quality products containing a legitimate “CE” stamp, and use the original accessories that come with it, i.e charger etc then you could end up with the same fate as this fella.

          To say us vapers are pissed off with the bad press e-cigs get at the moment is somewhat of an understatement, but hey it’s what news agencies do best (make stuff up to sell a story).

          Until they find real evidence that e-cigs will kill us all then I refuse to listen, after all what’s the alternative? Switch back to conventional cigarettes???


          No didn’t think so.

          • Betsauce 9:00 pm on February 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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            Best odds for Manchester City vs Hull 

            Manchester City
            Hull 14/1
            Sure Betting Odds

            Bet In-Play with Bet365

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            Kick off for this game is 15:00 this Saturday the 7th of February.

            This game may be available for live streaming online click here

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